Welcome! My name is Amy Aziz. I’ve spent more than half my life studying and working in the creative fields. After obtaining my BFA in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, my heart was set on pursuing a career as a freelance painter in New York City. But after a few years, something told me it wasn’t quite the right fit and I decided it was time to reinvent myself as an artist.

So how could I put my creative skills to good use? Work my way into the fashion world! I've always had a passion for studying (and donning) more obscure and eclectic fashion trends. Sometimes in college, I'd even spend hours upon hours experimenting with different styles. I also credit my extremely fashion-forward family for keeping my fashion wits ‘on point.’ Every holiday get together had an unspoken dress code—like a semi-formal event—as if it were some sort of contest among us all. I'd like to think I've always won the "best-dressed" title, but I think my brother and mother have defeated me a handful of times.

So I officially set out upon new career path in November, 2016 when I took on a retail job to familiarize myself with consumer demand and test my styling knowledge. While this was successful for a time, I once again found myself at a crossroads. So in the winter of 2017, I traded the fast-paced NYC lifestyle I’d known for nearly a decade for the Pacific sunshine of L.A. in search of more creative opportunities—and, of course, an escape from those brutal Northeast winters!

Currently, at my humble headquarters in L.A., I'm hard at work on my own styling shoots and becoming a fashion influencer. I'm always open to projects and collaborations. If you have anything lined up, feel free to contact me!

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